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Steel frame portal buildings are ideal for construction of storage buildings and other buildings when on a budget. Minimal interior finishing is necessary however protection from the elements is the key objective. Providing maximum open space a steel portal framed building is ideal structure for both retail and whole sale warehouses. Other such uses can be private aircraft hangars and agricultural structures including barns. As the spans get wide, the cost of the portal frames will increase, however further economy can be obtained by using a row of props on the centre line; or two or more rows of props which will reduce the span.

This type of construction takes advantage of the strength and durability of steel by positioning it in such a way as to construct a sturdy frame that does not need interior reinforcement other than rows of pillars that do not occupy significant amounts of space. In fact, these interior pillars can be taken advantage of to help organize materials that might be stored or offered for sale in a warehouse built with this technique, or to store tools, lubricants and similar objects behind the pillars so that they do not damage an aircraft which is kept in the central open space of a hangar In a storage building,the internal columns can be aligned to fit the racking module, or the racking can be designed to act as props to help support the rafters. The structural format is also ideal for agricultural use as pens or other means of keeping livestock separate, as there is sufficient room for these to be placed between each of the pillars. Rows of props can be used for building internal partitions, or cold store rooms, or offices or plant rooms.

A steel frame portal building can even be constructed as a low rise multi-story building, such as a warehouse with sales and administration offices located on a mezzanine level above the storage space, or a bonded customs warehouse where clearance procedures are carried out in the upper story offices before items are released for transit from the warehouse below. Indeed, propped steel portal framed buildings are the ideal solution when open space is at a premium and economy of construction is paramount.

We at REIDsteel much prefer to make buildings with a row of props at the ridge rather than as two span portals with a central valley gutter. A ridge is much less of a maintenance problem compared to a valley gutter.

As a propped portal becomes wider, the ridge height goes up. Because of the wider spans, a decent roof slope is needed, especially as the distance from the ridge increases, and therefore the amount of rainwater on the roof gets bigger; it is often an advantage to have a segmented paraboloid roof, with shallower slopes near the apex, and steeper slopes near the low sides.

REIDsteel are able to carry out the shipment and erection of propped steel portal framed structures throughout the world, and all structures provided by REIDsteel use only the highest quality British steel. The steel can be supplied with hot dip galvanization when this is desired or required.

The advantages of 2 span steel portal framed buildings are cheapness, speed, strength and durability and the economical range is spans of 20m to 60 m. As the span increases economy can be achieved using portal framing with the 3 Span Propped Portal frame steel structure with spans ranging from 30m to 105m.

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If you would like a price for a steel frame warehouse building in any location, please fill out our Warehouse Building Enquiry Form Warehouse Enquiry Form or contact us directly.

We do the complete structural design.

We use only the highest quality British Steel which can be supplied hot dip galvanised if required

We can arrange shipment and erection of warehouses employing portal framing to most countries in the world.



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